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Mastering the Mental Game of Weight Loss

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Sensible Slimming

Welcome to Sensible Slimming.   Have you tried lots of different diets and exercise regimes only to give up after a month or two?  Or have lost the weigh you wanted to but once you came off the diet, it gradually crept back on again?  Have you yo-yo’ed over the years?

Here at Sensible Slimming we understand how frustrating and depressing this can become.  Why? because we have been there.  We feel it is all about Mastering the Mental Game of Weight Loss.  If you can get your head into the right place, that is a big part of the battle.

We believe to master this you need a method, to be prepared and be happy. We are here to help you get your mind in to the right mindset and to help you apply this and stick with it.



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Here at Sensible Slimming we are keen to hear what you have to say. Tell us about your journy. We want you to share you fun things and your challenges. Share your top tips with all of us and help others learn from your experience.
I love the success I have had from following all the advice from Sensible Slimming. They helped me keep my mind in the right place during my journey. Rachel Smith, 46

My biggest challange was staying on track. The kids wanted to eat different food and my husband was the same, so staying on track was a massive issue. With Sensible Slimming I found so much motivation at my finger tips. All I had to do was look. Samantha Hopkins, 37

I stay focused on my goals with Sensible Slimming. A massive thanks to the team. Harriet, 52

I use Sensible Slimming as an accountability buddy and it really helps me be disciplined in my approach to my target. Get on and do it! Andrea, 45

As an older women going through the menapause I am surprised at how emotional I am and how depressed I feel. The Sensible Slimming team have been very supportive and helped me see the person inside of me that is struggling to get out. Lisa, 53

Hello. I have spent many years trying to lose weight and then I just gave up. More recently I had a health scare and it woke me up and told me I had to do something different. So I joined Sensible Slimming because they say it how it is and I can manage that. Don’t just keep going to an early grave but do something about it today. Jan, 51

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